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Why sous vide steak is better

Why sous vide steak is better

Nov 16,2017

Our customers say that steak cooked withsous vide is better than what they could produce using a grill, stovetop, oroven. The reason when usingtraditional methods of cooking, heat transfers inefficiently. For example, whenyou use a grill, stovetop, or oven, heat and temperature fluctuate. Accordingto this Slate article, A 350-degree residential oven is designed to stay between around 330and 370 degreesand thats if its well-calibrated…” Your stovetop and grill are evenless precise. Ever wonder what the difference is between 9 and high on your stovetop?


Lets take a look at your steak when its cooked on a grill, stovetop, or in an oven:


Heat fluctuation:    >40°

Medium-rare steak target temp:     129° F / 54° C

Difference between medium-rare and medium:    5°

Chances of hitting 129° F / 54° C:  0%


Heat moving through air is impossible tocontrol or predict. Its always in flux, which is why you often cant take your eye off that steakwithout it burning. Sous vide eliminates this difficulty set the temperature to 129° F / 54° C, and youll get steak cooked precisely to129° / 54°.


Even if you get lucky and come close toyour target temp, its impossible for you hit that temp on anything more than a fractionof the finished product. Thats because heat transfers from the outside-in in uneven bands, leaving most of the steak at a temp well above thetarget. With sous vide, the entire steak is cooked evenly, resulting in, well,perfection.


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